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On its own, this piece may have been a little on the fringe of what our readers are interested in in, but since it is surrounded by coverage of very mainstream art, my piece is balanced out. With that said, I am proud of the unique angle I presented in this piece by suggesting documentaries, rather than repeating a best holiday movies piece. I’m also very happy with my writing skills in this piece, which is evident in the variety of descriptions I gave for each movie. I tried to not follow any kind of formula when writing the descriptions to keep readers engaged and show that every movie was unique.

Ebheni Track Profile

Before this year I hadn’t written any sports pieces so branching out like this was an accomplishment. As someone who doesn’t care about sports I think the piece includes enough non stats info and gives lots of personal feelings and details of the athlete. The combination of player and sport I think makes an engaging piece for anyone, not just those interested in sports. In the future I’d like to be able to cover actual sports events since those are moments of excitement for the student body and the team.


Doc Martens Editorial 

I’m proud of this piece because I think I made a compelling argument, and stuck to the editorial format well, even though my topic was a minor one. Overall I think the piece is entertaining because of the relatable student perspective I was presenting, and probably more relevant than my typical editorials. If I were to improve this piece I would have interviewed several student who wear Docs and how they feel about this rule in the uniform. It would have also been useful to interview teachers and admin who enforced this rule. To back up my claims I also should have gotten a quote from the actual uniform handbook. In summary, for editorials I need to get other peoples opinion on the topic I am writing about.


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